Where’s Waldo(Wally)?

21 Sep

Last post of my Taipei summer! The Huashan Creative Park near my house had an exhibit recently that celebrated Where’s Waldo (Wally). It featured a lot of the published books, blow up wall-size works, and statues.

At one point, you could pick one of these cards, which challenged you to find a character among the wall-sized photos. img_2883

There were a few Taiwan-themed parts including famous landmarks and a night market. img_2887img_2890

The rest of the exhibit showed books and statues of the famous characters: img_2875img_2877img_2878img_2880img_2864img_2865img_2869img_2871img_2860img_2863

2 Responses to “Where’s Waldo(Wally)?”

  1. JOSHUA September 21, 2016 at 12:55 pm #

    AWESOME! These were always a favorite of mine!


  1. Wally Waldo World | Going Postal - January 9, 2017

    […] The Huashan Creative Park in Taipei housed a Where’s Waldo exhibit last August (I’m a little behind in blogging). Which according to Karmen featured several published books, blow up wall-size works, and many statues. She posted several images on her blog. […]

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